GC, RW A Kitkat CowboyCasanova of Ristokat
Seal Lynx Point Himalayan Male
Reg # 3252-1731881
Birthdate: 07-20-2011

Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents

CH Dreamz Willy Wunderbar of A Kitkat

Chocolate Point
Reg # 3270-1680130

GC Lake Hyco Brown Thrasher of Dreamz

Chocolate CPC
Reg # 3020-1283189

CH Lake Hyco's Tutelo of Koodos
Seal Point
Reg # 3272-1205309

Fur Pleasure's Crystal of Lake Hyco
Lilac CPC
Reg # 3023-1121396

CH Dreamz Dream Maker

Tortie Point
Reg # 3293-1560654

CH Lake Hyco's Perpetual Motion
Chocolate Point
Reg # 3270-1474377

GC Playwickey's Megga Rush
Tortie Lynx Point
Reg # 3247-1490474

GC Sobelin Liz Taylor I's of A Kitkat

Seal Lynx Point
Reg # 3253-1671838

CH Sandypaws Chief Manyletters

Blue Lynx Point
Reg # 3256-1551149

GC Alomi's Aznavoyeur
Blue Lynx Point
Reg # 3256-1303274

CH Sandypaws Buttons 'N Bows
Tortie Lynx Point
Reg # 3247-1215848

CH Sobelin Safira

Seal Lynx Point
Reg # 3253-1617591

CH Sandypaws Buzz Lightyear
Seal Lynx Point
Reg # 3252-1444856

CH Sandypaws Mia of Sobelin
Tortie Lynx Point
Reg # 3247-1538665

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