GC, RW Oakheaven's Time Line of Ristokat

"RugRat" is a beautiful brown tabby Persian (CPC) male, born in September of 1995. He was our foundation male, purchased when we decided that what we really wanted to specialize in was lynx points. At that time, it was practically impossible to get a good quality lynx point male, so rather than getting a "breeder quality" lynx point, we decided instead to look for a top quality tabby CPC to start our breeding program with.

We felt extremely lucky to find this lovely brown tabby boy available from Oakheaven cattery, especially with his wonderful pedigree - GC, RW Red Sky Wooden Ships, DM, sire of over 25 Grands to date, is his grandfather.

He did quite well at the shows as a kitten, with many "Best Kitten" awards, but it was springtime, with very low counts, so he was unable to earn many points. We decided to keep him out the following year, and show him as an adult. After granding quickly at the start of the season, we continued to show him through the following April, and ended up as 20th best cat for that show year.

RugRat was our only stud for the first couple of years we were breeding, and he produced wonderfully for us - each of his litters had at least one Grand Champion in them, and sometimes more. Almost every lynx point now in our cattery goes back to him, which is a wonderful legacy. Now retired, he is living in Colorado with a wonderful new home.

2nd best CPC kitten, Atlantic Himalayan club, 1995-96
20th Best Cat, CFA Northwest Region, 1996-97
2nd Best of Color, 2nd Best of Breed, CFA Northwest Region, 1996-97
4th best CPC adult, Atlantic Himalayan club, 1996-97

GC Ristokat's Femme Fatale
GC Ristokat Truly Tabu of Old Castle
GC Ristokat's Madame Butterfly
CH Ristokat's Raindrops of Oakheaven
GC, RW Ristokat's Fleur-De-Lis, DM
GP, RW Ristokat's Masquerade of Tamarakatz



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