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"Murphy" is a blue tabby Persian (CPC) male, born in April of 2000. Murphy is a gorgeous example of a Persian, with big heavy boning, substantial body, huge coat factor, lovely head structure with deep copper eyes - and an extremely sweet expression.

Murphy got his name - both his call name, and his registered name - from when he was a young baby. At 4 weeks old, he got very sick, and we spent 2 weeks fighting to save his life. During those 2 weeks, it seemed as though everything that could possibly go wrong, did! We began to feel like Murphy's Law was involved... so, when he pulled through despite it all, it somehow seemed appropriate to call him Murphy.

At 9 months old, he became a "Baby Grand", needing only 3 shows to finish. We showed him only a few times as a Grand Champion, and he did quite well at those few shows, ending the season as the 30th best cat in the region, just 5 spots out of a Regional Award.

8th best CPC kitten, Atlantic Himalayan Club, 2000-01
2nd best CPC adult, Atlantic Himalayan club, 2000-01
Best of Color, Best of Breed, CFA Northwest Region, 2000-01
National Best of Color, CFA, 2000-01
5th best CPC adult, Atlantic Himalayan club, 2001-02
Best of Color, 2nd Best of Breed, CFA Northwest Region, 2001-02
National Best of Color, CFA, 2001-02

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