Tanglebox's Mardi Gras of Ristokat

"Mardi" is a tortoiseshell Persian (CPC) female, born in December of 2004. Mardi is a gorgeous example of a tortoiseshell, with lots of red in her coat - which we just love! She has wonderful coat factor, great boning, and a beautiful round head.

Mardi comes to us from a good friend, Belinda Ernest of Tanglebox cattery in Oklahoma. We're thrilled to be able to add her to our breeding program!

Mardi recently made her show debut, and had a wonderful time at the show, and really showed herself off. She made several finals, and at her next show, got her first Best Kitten rosette!

Mardi just turned 8 months old, and started competing in the adult class. She earned her Grand Champion title in just 4 shows, and we will continue showing her for the next couple of months.

In November, we competed at the prestigious CFA International cat show - Mardi earned 2 finals, and was Best Parti-Color Persian in championship at the show!!

We decided to continue to show Mardi through the spring of 2006, and she ended the season as 24th Best Cat in the Northwest Region!! We are very proud of her, and excited to see what sort of kittens she produces for us!

After a litter of kittens with us, Mardi is now living with our good friend Marie, in Sweden, at Mariposa's Cattery.

Best of Color, Best of Breed, CFA Northwest Region, 2005-06
24th Best Cat, CFA Northwest Region, 2005-06
National 4th Best of breed, CFA, 2005-06
Atlantic Himalayan Club's Best CPC in Championship, 4th Best CPC Kitten, 2005-06
2005 CFA International Show:
Best Parti-Color Persian in Championship



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