Mariposa's Butterfly Kisses

"Kissy" is a blue-cream lynx point Himalayan female, born in December of 2004. Kissy is a gorgeous example of a lynx point. She has beautiful head structure, lovely pale pastel point color, wonderful lynx markings, a sparkling white coat, and those huge round blue mesmerizing eyes! She also has the sweetest personality you could ask for....

Kissy came to us from Mariposa's cattery in Sweden, and she was well worth the wait! We can never thank Marie enough for sharing this wonderful baby with us.

Kissy recently made her show debut, and had a wonderful time at the show, and really showed herself off.

Her second show was in July, at the Sunkats show in Seaside. She had a great time, and made 6 finals - including a BEST Kitten from noted Persian breeder/judge Vicki Nye. In addition, she ended up highest scoring Himalayan at the show, in all categories, and received a lovely silver platter that is awarded each year. This is the first year that a kitten has won this honor, and we're very proud of Miss Kissy!

Kissy just turned 8 months old and has just earned her Grand Champion title - in only 2 shows!!! We plan to continue showing her for awhile as a Grand now...

In November, we competed at the prestigious CFA International cat show - Kissy earned 2 finals, and was Best Himalayan in championship at the show!!

We continued to show Kissy through the spring of 2006, and she ended the season as 21st Best Cat in the Northwest Region!! We are very proud of her, and excited to see what sort of kittens she produces for us!

Best of Color, 2nd Best of Breed, CFA Northwest Region, 2005-06
21st Best Cat, CFA Northwest Region, 2005-06
National 2nd Best of Color, 9th Best of breed, CFA, 2005-06
2005 CFA International Show:
Best Himalayan in Championship


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