Gigi was responsible for so very many firsts here at Ristokat…  She was our very first grand, accomplished in only 2 shows – little did we realize how unusual that was at the time!   She was our first Regional Winner – done in just 4 ½ months, with no idea of how to run a campaign…  we just went to whatever shows were close and easy to get to. 

She went on to produce our very first litter, and was an incredible mother – easy deliveries, never lost a kitten, and cared for them wonderfully.   She then become our first DM – with 5 grands (all girls!!), 2 of which were Regional Winners themselves, and one which went on to become our first home-bred DM. 

After being spayed, we took her back to the shows as an alter…  we had the idea of perhaps showing her again in premiership, but she was very clear about her opinion of that!  ;-)   After earning her GP title, she was happily retired to home again, with the promise that it would be forever…

Around the house, she was kind of our “ghost cat” – usually on the fringes of things, and not overly social.  However, that made the few times when she would come and cuddle and want to be petted and loved on all the more precious…

Unfortunately, she developed a tumor or growth in her nasal passages, which grew quickly and blocked off her nostrils, and then affected her soft palate as well, and went into kidney failure over the weekend.  Luckily, she did have a wonderful quality of life up until these last few days  - and the decision was made to end her suffering, and allow her to cross the rainbow bridge earlier today….

Her quiet presence will be hugely missed around here…  and although she lives on in the children and grand-children in our program, there will always be a “Gigi-sized” hole in our hearts.


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