GC, GP, RW Prancenpaws Glamor Shot of Ristokat, DM

"Gigi" is a beautiful blue-cream point Himalayan female, born in March of 1995. She was our foundation girl - and what a foundation she was! Beautiful head structure, lovely pale pastel point color, sparkling white coat, and those huge round blue mesmerizing eyes! She was our first show cat as well, and we learned so much from showing her that year.

As a kitten, she earned enough points to be 22nd best kitten in the region, only missing a regional win by a few points.

Gigi Her last kitten show was at the CFA International Show, held in Chicago that year. Out of stiff competition (42 Himalayan kittens!), she ended up 2nd best Himalayan kitten in show, and finalled in 3 rings as well!

She continued to do wonderfully as an adult, becoming a Grand Champion in only 2 shows. With only 4 months of showing as a Grand Champion, she also earned enough points to be the 21st best cat in the region, and our first Regional Winner.

Retired from the show ring, she went on to give us some lovely babies, including our first home-bred regional winners, a pair of sisters - GC RW Ristokat's Fleur-De-Lis and GP RW Ristokat's Masquerade of Tamarakatz.

Gigi's DM Cake

In April 2000, she earned the coveted title of Distinguished Merit for producing 5 Grand Champion/Grand Premier offspring. Now retired, she rules the roost here.

You can read more about "Gigi" and her campaign in Gigi's Story on PandEcats.com, where she was a Featured Cat.

22nd best kitten, CFA Northwest Region, 1995-96
12th best Himalayan kitten, Atlantic Himalayan club, 1995-96
2nd best Himalayan kitten, CFA International Show, November 1995
Best of Color, Best of Breed, CFA Northwest Region, 1995-96
21st best cat, CFA Northwest Region, 1995-96
9th best Himalayan cat, Atlantic Himalayan Club, 1995-96
Distinguished Merit, earned April 2000

GC Ristokat's Femme Fatale
GC Ristokat Truly Tabu of Old Castle
GC, RW Ristokat's Fleur-De-Lis, DM
GP, RW Ristokat's Masquerade of Tamarakatz
CH, GP Ristokat's Whimsical Toy


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