GC, RW Whisperwood's Set The World On Fire

"Fire" is a gorgeous flame point Himalayan male, born in March of 1998. Although we weren't looking for another male at the time, when I saw his photo at the age of 12 weeks... it was love at first sight!!!

Fire at 12 weeks old

Even as a baby, Fire was a practically perfect cat - smooth round doming, beautiful round eyes with a deep blue color, a snow-white coat, and his most important feature - COLOR!!! Yes, Fire's color really is this rich and vibrant - most of the judges who saw him during his career were just amazed at how incredibly deep his point color was.

As a kitten, he earned enough points to be 4th best kitten (and best longhair kitten) in the region, and only missed out on a national win by a few places.

He granded quickly as an adult, and then retired, being much more interested in GIRLS at that point than going to shows! He has given us some lovely babies, and passed on not only his wonderful type, but his sweet personality as well.

After producing several lovely litters for us, we retired him, and he now lives as a spoiled pillow pet near Tacoma, Washington.

4th best kitten, CFA Northwest Region, 1998-99
4th best Himalayan kitten, Atlantic Himalayan club, 1998-99
Best of Color, 3rd Best of Breed, CFA Northwest Region, 1998-99

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