CH Ristokat's Quelle Suprise!

"Ellie" is a very nice seal lynx point Himalayan female, born in August of 2000. She is a very large girl, with a huge white cottony coat, lovely distinct lynx markings, and nice big blue eyes.

Ellie's registered name - Quelle Suprise! - is a french phrase, that is translated as "What a surprise!". She earned the name with good reason... When she was born, we thought Ellie was a boy. She had the usual vet visits for vaccinations, etc, and the vet's never noticed he was a she. In fact, Ellie had been to 4 cat shows, entered as a male, before a judge finally noticed and pointed it out to us! Since we had to change her sex, we decided it was appropriate to change her name, as well...

She was shown successfully as a kitten, and ended her kitten career with a wonderful show, where she made all of the finals, including a Best and 2nd Best AB Kitten!

She is grand-pointed as an adult, but lost her coat before we could finish her title. Now, she is happily at home, being a mother, and has already produced several nice babies for us.

9th best Himalayan kitten, Atlantic Himalayan club, 2000-01

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