Tanglebox's Mardi Gras of Ristokat

"Dusty" is a brown tabby Persian female, born in October of 2008. We totally fell in love with Dusty's mother when we met her during her campaign in 2007-08 (she ended up 11th best kitten Nationally that year), and were extremely excited to be able to get one of her babies to add to our program!

Dusty is a gorgeous girl, and built like a tank - she's got a wonderful short body and super heavy boning, which is so unusual in a girl. Added to that, she has a wonderful head with nice high doming, and the tiniest ears around! We can't thank her breeders, Bob & Bert, enough for letting Dusty come join our household.

Dusty granded on December 12, 2009 - we're looking forward now to having some lovely babies from her!


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