GC Loralyn's Sweet Dreams

"Remy" is a cream point Himalayan male, born in August of 2007.

In February 2008, Melinda Murray of Loralyn Himalayans passed away unexpectedly. One of the last kittens born at Loralyn was a cream point male she nicknamed Remy. Melinda was SO very excited about Remy as he grew up, and was able to show him several times as a kitten before her sudden passing.

After losing our good friend Melinda, Remy become part of our Ristokat household. Having the privilege to show and grand Remy for Melinda means a lot to us…. And makes him a very special Grand indeed!!

Remy has a beautiful smooth, round head, tiny little ears, and the most beautiful big, round, blue eyes. He's also got the sweetest personality you could ever want....

Remy earned his Grand Champion title at the Seaside show in July 2008, and will probably continue to grace the showhalls for awhile, as he really enjoys being the center of attention!

We continued to show Remy for the 2008-09 show season, with lots of success - he received many "Best Cat" awards, and was highest scoring longhair cat in show several times.

He ended the season as 8th best cat in the Northwest Region - and the BEST Persian for the year! He was also 5th Best Himalayan overall for CFA.

Now, we are looking forward to wonderful babies from him...

Atlantic Himalayan Club's 12th Best Himalayan Kitten, 2007-08
Best of Color, Best of Breed, CFA Northwest Region, 2008-09
8th Best Cat, CFA Northwest Region, 2008-09
National Best of Color, 5th Best of Breed, CFA, 2008-09




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