Persians and Himalayans generally travel well. However, there are a few considerations regarding both the safety and the comfort of your cat.

If you are traveling by car, be sure you take some water and food with you, and some non-breakable dishes. Also, think about what you will do for a litter box - we have found that a rectangular plastic box (Tupperware or something similar), filled with some litter and then sealed with the lid, is quite handy to take along in the car. Never, ever travel with your cat, unless it is in a carrier. If you are involved in an automobile accident, and your cat is not in a carrier, it can become a projectile that could go through a window. If you were unconscious, and someone opened your car door, your cat would almost certainly be gone before anyone knew to contain it. As long as you have to have a carrier, consider getting one that is airline approved. The VariKennel 100 is the perfect size for a cat, and is available from Omaha Vaccines for much less than pet stores charge. (You can find them in the listing of "Useful phone numbers and websites" section).

If you are traveling by air, airlines will want advance notice that you plan to bring your cat with you. Each airline has their own requirements, so be sure to check with them, but generally all airlines will require a health certificate with rabies information. Regulations vary from state to state, so be sure you contact the airline and your vet ahead of time! Generally, cats travel better without trying to sedate them, but if you must, be sure it's something your vet gave you, and never give your cat human sedatives!


Useful Phone Numbers and Websites

American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) - 1-800-252-2242

American Veterinary Medical Association

Cornell Feline Health Center

Veterinary Medical Information

Cat Fanciers Association

Cat Fanciers Website - general cat care information and links

Vaccine / Pet Supply Companies:

Pet food:


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