Your new kitten has been raised on Royal Canin dry kitten food and Iams canned kitten food. You can feed your kitten a couple of tablespoons of canned food each evening, increasing the amount somewhat as they grow larger. Once your kitten reaches the age of 1 year, you should transition the cat to the adult formula dry food - make sure to do this gradually, adding slightly more adult food to the kitten food each day until the transition is complete. By doing this slowly, you will minimize the chance of intestinal upsets and diarrhea. At this time, you can also transition away from canned food if you wish. Otherwise, switch to an adult formula canned food - just be sure to start slowly with it as well. Almost any brand will be fine, although most of our cats don't care for the adult formula of the Iams.

We do recommend the continued use of Royal Canin, either the Sensitive formula or the Persian formula, or another premium brand such as Iams or Science Diet. The initial cost may seem to be a bit higher, but the benefits of good nutrition (a healthier animal, lower veterinary bills, etc.) far outweigh the small price difference.



Use a clean bowl for each meal, and put fresh water down at least once a day. The bowls should be as clean as those you would use for yourself. Dirt, dust, and hair will collect in the bowls during the day - you wouldn't want to eat or drink dirty food or water, and you shouldn't want your kitten to, either. Buy yourself some inexpensive bowls that you like that are just for the cat. The bowls should be ceramic or stainless steel, never plastic. Plastic can harbor bacteria and hold oils, which can cause feline acne. Ceramic and stainless steel bowls can be cleaned much better - bacteria loves cat food and water dishes. Clean cats are most likely to be healthy cats!

As a special treat, we also keep a tube of Nutrical handy. This is simply a thick gel-like product that comes in a tube, and is a vitamin/mineral supplement. You can find it at any of the pet supply stores, or at your vets, or through the mail order catalogs. Almost all our cats seem to love the taste, and it makes a good reward for after bath times, or claw clipping, or the vet's office.

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