CH Purrstar's Heavens Blessing of Ristokat
Seal Lynx Point Female
Reg # 3253-1745644
Birthdate: 3-7-2012

Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents

CH Larix's Warp Speed of Purrstar

Seal Lynx Point
Reg # 3252-1722137

GC Catley Crue's Walkaway Joe of Larix

Blue Lynx Point
Reg # 3256-1566498

CH Catley Crue's Sky Divin
Blue Tabby CPC
Reg # 3052-1524157

CH Tomorow April Shower of Catley Crue
Blue-Cream Point
Reg # 3289-1493636

CH Catley Crue's Kanta of Larix

Seal Point
Reg # 3273-1600572

GC Catley Crue's Little Bit Country
Seal Lynx Point
Reg # 3252-1468372

CH Catley Crue's Lexee
Seal Point
Reg # 3273-1508232

GC Purrstar's Touched By An Angel

Seal Lynx Point
Reg # 3253-1714844

CH Countrygal's Quasar

Seal Lynx Point
Reg # 3252-1683370

CH Co-Bridge Captain of Countrygal
Seal Lynx Point
Reg # 3252-1449782

CH Countrygal Mesmereyes
Seal Point
Reg # 3273-1552559

GC Purrstar's Heavenly Joy

Tortie Lynx Point
Reg # 3247-1655318

CH Purrstar's Sirius Impact
Seal Lynx Point
Reg # 3252-1584966

GC Purrstar's Solar Flare, DM
Flame Point
Reg # 3279-1568977

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