CH Oakheaven's Offline of Ristokat
Seal Lynx Point Himalayan Female
Reg # 3253-1301146
Birthdate: 12-10-1999

Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents

Brigantina's Travel Line

Seal Lynx Point
Reg # 3252-1222105

GC, NW Oakheaven's Hook, Line N' Sinker

Seal Lynx Point
Reg # 3252-990809

GC Oakheaven's My Ship Came In
Brown Tabby CPC
Reg # 3044-885126

GC Purringwood's Born To Please
Seal Point
Reg # 3273-848761

CH Oakheaven's Divine Ms Jackye, DM

Seal Point
Reg # 3273-931604

GC Oakheaven's Damn Dave!
Black CPC
Reg # 3008-787780

GC Oakheaven's Bam Bam Bina
Blue Point
Reg # 3277-787783

CH Luvhaven's Hale-Bopp A Do

Seal Point
Reg # 3273-1118088

GC DeMiara's Mon Cheri

Seal Point
Reg # 3272-716875

GC, RW DeMiara's C Weed of Oceanstar, DM
Seal Point
Reg # 3272-522784

CH DeMiara's Lily O'The Valley
Blue Point
Reg # 3277-569330

Luvhaven's Mariluv

Seal Point
Reg # 3273-959011

GC DeMiara's Mon Cheri
Seal Point
Reg # 3272-716875

CH Sandilair's SanFrancisco of Temar
Tortie Point
Reg # 3293-801542

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